Adding pickups to a hit point on beat 1

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a film score project that needs to have beat one at an exact time stamp. Is there a way to set that downbeat for the time stamp but still add a pickup bar?

I realize I can time out the pickup bar, but I just thought I’d check, since I’m not 100 percent sure of the exact tempo yet.


Wecome PJ. There are some features to help you time it out, but to my knowledge at least, notes are not tied to a hit point. So if your pickups are a half beat too much let’s say, the down beat will move forward that half beat instead of the pickup moving back.

I’m no expert. But I’d place an earlier obvious hit point to start counting from - before your hit point on the down beat - and use Dorico’s features to adjust the tempo or measures between the two to get the pickups just right. If it is literally at the film or reel start, you can set the beginning frame to still give you time for both hit points.