Adding players and flows, suggestion


I am working on a rather big file, 22 flows and 17 players. Adding a flow or a player takes very, very long time.
If I want to exclude certain players from a flow, that also is extremely tedious and time consuming.


When creating a flow, one could ctl-click all the players to be included in the flow and then press shift-f.
When creating a new player, one could click the flow or ctl-click the flows to include the new player and then press shift-p.

(Yes, I am considering splitting the file, but I would prefer not to.)

We know that we need to speed up some operations involving attaching/detaching players from layouts and flows, and this is something we will work on in the future. We also plan to make it possible to use Shift+click to check/uncheck a range of checkboxes in each of the panels in Setup mode in a future update.