adding playing techniques to multiple parts simultaneously

Is there a good way to add a playing technique to multiple parts simultaneously, the way one can beautifully with dynamics?

It seems to not be possible, which is a hassle. My workaround is to put the technique on one part and then copy-paste it to the other parts, but some unwanted behavior happens. See screenshot. Note how the bottom part, which has stems facing up instead of down, ended up with the downbow marking offcenter.

The best solution is to assign a key command to Duplicate to Staff Below. I use Ctrl-Alt-M (or Cmd-Alt-M on Mac).

That function is beautiful… I use it all the time. Assign a PT to the top staff, then bam, bam, bam, etc.

This is great to know and quicker! Thanks!

However, bowings still end up uncentered if the note they’re being copied to has the opposite stem direction. What is the reason for that?

Oh! I figured it out!

I was working on a musicXML import. For some reason, the 5th cello part was rendered in a different voice than the others.

Thanks again for that tip. That really helps my workflow.

Speaking of voices, I wonder if eventually we might be able to customize the display colors of voices (when that view is toggled on). I would keep it on the whole time (it would have prevented my above confusion), except that the 1st Up-stem Voice being light blue makes it distracting to read. If it were black, and all the other voices retained their color, it would be easier to use, IMO.

Thanks for this interesting idea! I occasionally make new voices by accident, or run into xml imports with extra voices. Maybe Up-stem Voice 1 doesn’t need to be totally black (although perhaps that could be an option), but a darker color would make it easier to work with voice colors turned on.

For inputting the same playing technique on multiple staves at the same position, you can do this with the caret active and extended across the required staves.

Wow! Thanks, Lillie!