Adding playing techniques

I need several playing techniques that are not included in those that ship with the product so I need to add them. I’ve been searching within the product, in the help and on the forum and haven’t found a way to do that. This seems like something that should be easy to do. What am I missing?

To be clear, I thought that if I selected Write > Create Playing Technique I would actually be able to do this. While this does pop open a Playing Technique widget that allows entry of text, entering text that’s not already in the Playing Techniques toolbox produces no visible effect. On the other hand, entering text that is in the toolbox causes it to appear in the piece.

See for related information.

Write > Create Playing Technique opens the popover to allow quick entry of the playing techniques which already exist in the Playing Techniques panel.

I can understand how the verb “create” might imply that this is how you create a new custom playing technique. But the “create” in this case means “add to your score”.

zmanjams’s link is very helpful too!