Adding Plug-ins to Audio Events/ Slices Within Audio Part

  1. How do I elongate an audio event without using time stretch? e.g. if I have a single snare as an audio file in the project window and I add the REVerence Plug-in to it, the same event that now has reverb added to it does not alter in duration: this means the release of the reverb cuts out abruptly. How can I elongate an audio event so that the reverb decays naturally?

  2. This question addresses the same problem as above, although in the context of slices within an audio part: If I add a reverb Plug-in to a specific slice, how can I make the effects of the reverb (or any plug-in effect) escape the boundaries of the event so that its decay is natural?

Many thanks

If you use Process, it usually asks for the tail length, IIRC.

Hi N8,

If I increase the ‘Tail’ slider, the sample plays on into the following slice. I end up with a portion of the following slice put onto the end of the slice I am working with.

unavoidable i think mate, unless you crossfade the parts and/or drop the audio part/slice down to another track and buss the 2 channels.

thats my usual workaround .

hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have come up with a simple solution:

  1. Range and bounce the selection that needs elongating, and then hit “replace” to replace the event (this isolates the slice from the others and maintains its correct position in the audio part).

  2. Create a separate short event of silence.

  3. Copy/paste the event of silence into the end of the event that requires lengthening.

This creates the space required for effects to decay naturally and avoids having to faff around with different channels.