Adding Plugin in Cubase 6?

Ok, so I’ve just started trying to use my upgrade to Cubase 6 and can’t seem to figure out (or find info in the manual) about adding 3rd party plugins. I tried adding PSP Vintagemeter and it doesn’t show up in the plugin box. Will older plugins work? Or do they need to be VST3 plugins? 64 bit?


Edit: Oops, appears there were 2 different Steinberg folders. Once I copied the plugins and added them to the other folder, I was able to find them.

thsy shuld work fine.when installing point to c/programfiles x86/steinberg/vstplugins (if 32 bit plugs) or c/programfiles/steinberg/vstplugins if 64 bit plugs
they shuld be ok then,make sure in cubase u have set the paths for ur vst splugins,then update plugin information