adding side to audio

hi guys,

are there any simple and easy ways to add plenty of side to a drum loop for instance which would contain no side signal to begin with?


So, are you saying the loop is mono? Also, what is the desired effect you’re after?

I know… as soon as I saw this, I thought M/S recording. One crazy Idea that popped into my head (which I haven’t tried in Cubase), is to use a stereo simulator on the mono signal, then create two sends, panned left and right. Raise the sends to 0, then drop the fader all the way down. Flip the phase on one send, then send those two, plus the original channel, to a group. Simulated M/S and go from there, lol. Probably rubbish…

I find just using some early reflections can do wonders for a mono loop, REVelation is pretty cool or possibly one of the studio impulses in REVerence… a micro pitch shifter can help too, i usually use the Eventide H3000 plugin, i also generally low cut the reflections and H3000 somewhere around 100hz or so to keep the bottom end tight phase wise…HTH!

Brainworks’ BX stereo maker can be pretty good on certain sources too, i picked it up for $25 at christmas other wise i probably wouldn’t have…

Yeah, 2nd that. I have a few Brainworks plugs. They really get the M/S thing.

hi guys and thanks for the suggestions.

i use bx_hybrid v2 which has a m/s meter display so i can see if anything in the arrangment already has side and along with the voxengo msed i can choose to mute or keep any side signal.

but as an example, the drum loop sample is a stereo file without any side and i would like to add/place drum sound into the side area.

what i have tried is panning the drum loop left or right which seems to fill up the side, but if i combine two drum loops, each on their own seperate tracks with one being panned left and the other right, the side signal disappears.

i think i might understand why that happens but i just dont know what to do to avoid that?


Individual hits might be a bit tricky…possibly turn the loop into a REX file and process each hit individually?
Sounds like your file might be dual mono or as near as damn it to if there is little/no side info…
All of the above tips will add ‘side’ into your mix, chorus and or phasing can add some nice interest to top end such as hats and cymbals particularly if they’re sampled… you could try duplicating your loop over 3 or 4 tracks and eq/filter each file into it’s own frequency band ( bass/mid/high mid/high for instance) and process each one differently to help add more width and depth too… just try some ideas out and see what works for you innit!
Other than that m8 i’m struggling to see what else you might be after…