Adding subtitles to the vide

I want to import a csv file with subtitles and add them to the video player. How can I do it? I imported subtitles using CSV maker and all the lines look like in the attached example.


Use the ADR feature. So when playing you can get the subtitles burned in the video window.

A) import the lines to the “Dialogue “ data column
B) make sure to enable the video overlay in the adr settings in the marker window

Note for clarity this functionality is not actual subtitles as they are intended for ADR, and they WILL block parts of the lower video image area

If you want it as subtitles you need to use a tool the can import them as such and actuall burn it in to a new video file.

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SB, how about dispensing with .csv and use a web standard such as .vtt instead?

Why suggest dispensing of csv and adding a subtitle format?

It’s not a subtitle system. It’s used for ADR and not subtitles.
I understand that for dubbing additional formats could be a good addition, but I would never suggest to dispense of a super usable format.

VTT and srt while they would be interesting additions I would have absolutely zero use of them while we use csv several times in every project.

WebVTT is, for the web and is a timed text format so if you are producing subtitles for video material, for the web it would be best to have a standard format, not so much for interchange but one which can be processed by Nuendo.

As for .csv, it is an interchange format so has it’s uses in house.