adding text makes lines jump

Thank you for the opportunity to add lines to musical examples. Those of us writing instruction manuals find this feature invaluable!
One request, please? When I try to combine text (via shift+x) and a line, I always have to rearrange both in engrave mode. It doesn’t matter whether I add text first or the line first. I’ve even tried outsmarting the program and adding one line + text, adjusting it how I like, and copy it to other parts of the same staff. If this isn’t possible to fix easily, so be it. Just figured I’d ask.

If you need a line to begin with text, make a new playing technique that consists of the text you need to appear at the start of the line, then define the appropriate continuation line, and use your playing technique instead.

Thanks, Daniel. My project is a “field guide” for melodic figures. It includes hundreds of illustrations. About a quarter use lines (brackets) with unique text. Your solution would be tedious and hard to keep organized. I made another book several years ago using Sibelius for the illustrations. Text and lines were easy to negotiate. Figured I’d make this suggestion for Dorico because I remember hearing that you’d like it to be useful for workbooks, etc.

I have a feeling you’ll find it less tedious than manually moving every single pair of text item and line, and it’s the most practical solution available in the software today, which, in the end, is the software you have to use!