adding text or performance notes


I’m trying to document how I do things in Dorico -

What I’d like to do is enter some text (say a few dozen words)
put this in a box and have this positioned above the bar to which the
text applies.

Another use would be performance notes - a box with text in and an
arrow pointing to the place in the music where the annotation applies
would be very useful.

Is this possible? - the work around at the moment seems to be to take a
snapshot of the portion of the score I’m interested in save it as a graphic
then import it into a word-processing program.

It would be nice to do everything one program

I think the only text things that can be linked to a bar/music (without interfering with the music) is the text you create with shift+X keystrokes. This does not allow you to box it, nor have any arrows attached to it. But you can change the looks of the text itself, it might help, waiting for a better solution…