Adding Time Signature without moving the ones after

Hi Everyone,
Since i love working in only one project file in cubase and writing all the tracks to an album in that project, i have come across this problem.
when i am changing the time signature of one of the tracks, all the tracks after it will change there time and tempo positions and they are not at the same position anymore.
this is really anoying to move them again aterwards, so i wonder if there is a way to change this, because i dont want to only write one track in one project, since i like to take the same themes for different tracks and its easier to view it as one big project for me this way + my template takes a long time to load when i want to jump from one project to the other.



If you want to go back to the origin Time Signature, add a new one.

If you want to keep the tracks’ Events/Parts at the same Bars & Beats, when you change the tempo, keep the tracks in the Musical time base. If you want to keep the tracks’ Events/Parts at the same time, when you change the tempo, switch the tracks to the Linear time base.

Seems the tempo changes are only linear time based and not musical time based. Therefore there is no way to make the tempo changes stick to a specific bar position when changing previous tempo points.


Would the Process Tempo dialog help here?

thanks for your help so far! i guess its just not possible unfortunately…
the problem is that the midi moves to different bars when you add a time signature before it, the other time signatures stay at the bar they were before but the midi is moving so everything is out of order…
i guess i will have to get used to working with one track per project, because cubase cant activate more then one project at a time

but maybe someone knows a way, so far i found that cubase always had an answer to problems i had

did you try/check what martin suggested ?
make sure your midi(and audio) tracks set to “Musical time base” (the tracks not only the events) Track Time Base

unless im missing something this should work

Whatever you do when working with time signature – even if you have the online help from Steinberg – DON’T save the project. Why? I had a lot of out-of-sync tracks.

everything was set to musical mode by default when i asked this question, i feel like you guys are answering a different question then mine, but i dont really understand it anymore…