Adding to Favourites


I have Cubase Pro 12 and am moving from Ableton. I would like to mark up some of the sounds I find in Cubase as favourites, so I can quickly find them and use them in the future.

I can see a Favourites folder in the Media Bay, and add new folders in there. But how do I get a sound in there? For example, there is one sound called “Brite Light” in Halion SE factory sounds that I like using, so how do I add that into the favourites folder?

I have seen that I can add whole folders into the favourites, but I don’t want the whole folder. Just the one sound I would like to use.

It seems such a simple thing, to say “Hey, I like this sound. I will flag it somehow so I can go straight to it again in the future”, but I can’t find a way to do it.

If someone could advise I would be grateful.


AFAICS, it’s a several stages and overly complicated process. I’ll take an example with the Bright Pipe Organ vstpreset (as I don’t have the one you are mentioning), using HALion Sonic 7, the updated version of SE :

  1. As I hadn’t done it, yet, I used the Add to favorites command (in MediaBay, but I could have done so in MediaRack), and created a folder in a chosen place (I have used the Documents one and named it Cubase_FavoritesFolder) :

  2. In MediaBay, I have double clicked on the vstpreset to get this in HS7 - a working instrument :

  1. In HS7, and using the Save preset command, I saved it with either the same name or another one :


This created a .vstpreset file in the following path (I use a Windows based system) :
C:\Users\[username]\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion Sonic

  1. In MediaBay, I went in this folder and drag & droped the .vstpreset file to my newly created favorite folder :

To check that the vstpreset file has been actually copied at the right place, I used the Show in explorer command, after having right-clicked on the preset in MediaBay results list.

  1. Result here (a functional preset at a chosen location and selectable in either MediaBay or Mediarack) :


A tedious process, but that’s often the case, with Steinberg project management : in this case, we should have an ‘Add to favorite folder…’ option when right-clicking on a given vst/track preset. And AFAICS again, the created favorites folder don’t appear directly in the HS7 interface : I had to use the Browser type of presets list and go under This Computer to retrieve it. This, without talking about the multiple files created for the same sound, as from my tests, we are not allowed to drag and drop directly a HS7 preset to a newly created favorite folder.

Oh wow, what a faf!!

Okay thank you for you help with this. I don’t know why there is a problem with a simple “Flag this as a favourite” or, as you say, a “Move to favourites” option.

This is such a commonplace thing to do in ANY piece of software. Of course we will never find out why Steinberg will not implement this because companies don’t ever do that. It’s always “Oh it is a priority”, or “We have that on our development list”.

What they don’t say is that they will prioritise it so low it won’t ever get done, or that there are technical reasons why it can’t be done. They don’t like to lose face as the Japanese saying goes.

Anyway, thank you again.

The other way, the sloppy one that is, is just quickly rate a sound 5 stars, and then sort by stars.

But you can see how this starts to turn out if you have lots of favorite sounds.