Adding to repeat marker and rehearsal mark utility

Hey team Dorico,

I’d love for repeat markers to have “prefix” and “suffix” properties, just like Rehearsal Marks, order to add things like “On Cue” and the like.
And for Rehearsal Marks, I’d love for them to acquire a custom text capability, so that in can use Bar numbers, but change single occurrences to “Solo”, for example.

Thanks so much for considering!
All the best,

You can already replace the text of a repeat marker via Properties: does that not allow you to do what you want?

I can, yes, but just in case I’d like to use the actual segno sign in a “D.$. al Coda”, I couldn’t type that in, correct?
Anyways, it’s a small thing… :wink:
And the other way around considering Rehearsal Marks would be actually more important for me to have…

All the best and congrats again for all your work, I’m completely enjoying this update!!

This is an awesome feature! I just got around to discovering it. I’ve been wishing for something like this since the Finale days wa-ay back in 1998! Thank you for this!