adding tokens (like {@composer@}) in single flows in Dorico SE 3 possible?


I startet with Dorico SE 3…

How is it possible to add tokens (like {@composer@}) in SINGLE FLOWS in Dorico SE 3, because the engrave button is missing…

I would like to have 1 Project and a few flows in it. Every single flow should have another composer…

Is it possible at all?

Best wishes!


It’s not possible natively from within SE, but if you upload the zipped project then someone with Pro (I’ll do it if I’m in front of a computer) could certainly edit the master page in such a way that it uses the {@flowComposer@} token rather than the {@projectComposer@} token. Do you want each flow to start on a new page?

Or perhaps you mean you’d like the flow composer shown alongside/as part of flow headings?

Hello pianoleo and Lillie

Thank you very much for your answers! I found a solution… Best wishes!


I have the same problem - please tell what the solution is.

How is this done?
I have Dorico Elements v3.5
I edit the title adding {@flowcomposer@} and nothing appears.

if I understood Lillie correctly, her suggestion was to include the composers Name in the Flow-Title.
Example (you input this information into the Info window)
FlowTitle: Air on the G-String - Bach

@kendd what is it exactly you want to achieve - where do you want the flow composer to appear? You could do as @k_b suggests and write in the composer’s name in plain text in the flow title field in the Project Info dialog. That will mean at the top of each flow you see e.g. “1. Flow 1 - Mozart” - with everything that comes after the "1. " being what you write in the flow title field in Project Info.

You can’t add text tokens in text objects (when you press Shift-X to add text to a staff, for example), only in text frames. In Dorico Elements, you can’t really edit text frames reliably - this is something you can do in Engrave mode in Dorico Pro. Likewise editing flow headings (to control how the automatic text at the top of each flow appears, what information it includes etc) is only in Dorico Pro.

Here is a link from the Pro manual with more information about tokens, even though practically you can’t really change or add them reliably in Dorico Elements.

If you can share an example or a screenshot or something of what you want to achieve, we might be able to give other suggestions to help you.

Thank you

Yes I could add the composer in the title field in the flow project information. It is a pity that the actual composer field cannot be used. A far as I can tell the manual for Dorico Elements has the same explanation of tokens and I had hoped to make use them.

So what do I want to achieve. It is this…

  1. Each flow has a complete musical section of the whole (eg a dance or song in a collection)
  2. Each flow thus has its own title and composer
  3. I wish to have the title at the head of the flow centre justified (this happens)
  4. I wish to have the composer indicated, following tradition, below the title and right justified (this seems impossible in Elements 3.5).

I think the best I can do is either add the composer in the project title of the flow (see above) or add free text in-situ after the {@flowtitle@} and show this in a different, smaller font. It seems I can do this.

Thank you all for your kind advice.

Right, thanks for the extra info, I think I understand what you want much better now.

The First master page is set up to show the project title and project composer in the right places, but of course this won’t show flow-specific information. Leo’s suggestion of asking a Dorico Pro user to share a project file where the First master page is set up to use flow title/composer tokens could work for you, or likewise a project where the flow heading has a text frame with the flow composer token added if you want to use flow headings for title information.

Another option is to do the 30-day free trial of Dorico Pro, if you haven’t already, and use that time to set up some projects with master pages/flow headings as you expect you would need them, and keep those as templates from which you can start new projects in future.

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Thanks again. It looks as if I will need eventually to go to the pro version. However I want to delay that move until I feel I have mastery of the elements version. There is so much to learn and I feel sticking for the time being with elements will allow me to avoid being overwhelmed.

If I understand you right you, or another pro user, could give me a customised master page that I could use as a template for my elements based projects. Such a thing would help me over my immediate need and would help me in my process of learning how to use Dorico.

So as an example my basic requirement would be for a customised master page with text frame allowing flow title, composer and flow subtitle to be shown at the head of each flow. The presentation of the title, subtitle and composer would follow usial practice: Title, centred; subtitle centred below title; composer right justified below subtitle. The font for title is bold and larger than subtitle and composer. All texts beinf taken from tokens from the project info dialog.

Example: A project holding a particular selection of rennaissance dances by different composers. This might have a project title of “A set of rennaissance dances” and project composer “various flemish”. The project subtitle might be “dances compiled from editions x and y of 1588”. Each flow will have something like “Paduan” , “also called pavan x from england” and “by van Ekker” as flow title, subtitle and composer.

Nice to have extras (pushing my luck):

  1. The said text frame allows free text on bottom left.
  2. (rather advanced and certainly pushing my luck) A music frame to allow an incipit (as used to show transcriptions of early music - original staff and tactus etc with ambitus) to be shown for each part.

As I say eventually I guess I will need to use pro even though I am only interested in scores of up to six parts (mostly two, three and four).

If you haven’t done a Dorico Pro trial before and can therefore request one, I would recommend it. Allowing for variable amounts of text requires a certain amount of intervention that you probably wouldn’t be able to utilise fully in Elements, even with a project set up with the available master pages etc. Based on what you’ve said above, it does sound like you will benefit from the customization available in Pro in the long run.

Even once you have Dorico Pro, you can make it run as Elements at startup if you want to, if you really prefer working in Elements whilst you get familiar.

If you haven’t come across it yet, we released a new guide aimed at new users called First Steps - you can find it here. There’s a page on master pages and how information is displayed by default that might be useful to you as well, that’s here.