adding tokens (like {@composer@}) in single flows in Dorico SE 3 possible?


I startet with Dorico SE 3…

How is it possible to add tokens (like {@composer@}) in SINGLE FLOWS in Dorico SE 3, because the engrave button is missing…

I would like to have 1 Project and a few flows in it. Every single flow should have another composer…

Is it possible at all?

Best wishes!


It’s not possible natively from within SE, but if you upload the zipped project then someone with Pro (I’ll do it if I’m in front of a computer) could certainly edit the master page in such a way that it uses the {@flowComposer@} token rather than the {@projectComposer@} token. Do you want each flow to start on a new page?

Or perhaps you mean you’d like the flow composer shown alongside/as part of flow headings?

Hello pianoleo and Lillie

Thank you very much for your answers! I found a solution… Best wishes!