Adding tracks in MixConsole a lot of the time, adds them to the very end/bottom of the tracks projects track list

Hey, sometimes it is added in the right spot - next to the selected track… But most the time, it adds the track to the very very bottom of all the tracks in the project. Very annoying.

It appears a lot of the time, I have to close MixWindow to the main project arranger/edit window, then select the track there. Re-open MixConsole and then it will work.

Not sure what causes it to stop working properly, maybe rack focus in the MixConsole or something.


Confirmed, once I clicked on insert section to add an insert, it started adding groups and other track types to the very bottom again.


First of all, could you describe, how exactly do you add the track? Are you talking about Audio, MIDI, Instrument tracks or Group, FX channels, please?

Mostly have just been adding groups and FX to a template I’m create.

I’ve tried any number of available ways to add the track… Hotkey add, Right Click Add, Add-Track Stay Open Box. I am doing all this in the mixer. I select a track where I want it added next to, but it adds it to the bottom of the track list/end of the mixer (before outputs ofcoarse)

The best way I can give steps to reproduce is:

-Open MixConsole
-Select the first audio track in mix console
-add a group track (not using ‘add group to track’, just add a plain non-connected group track)
-If that worked for you, then go insert an insert on something
-now try and add the same group track but this time don’t select the track you want it placed next to.
-If it didn’t work this time, close mix console, select off the track you want to add next to and then re-select it
-open mix console, try and add a group track again and it should work.


In the Add Track dialog, you can choose if you want to “Create Inside Folder” or “Create Outside Folder”. If you choose “Create Inside Folder”, the newly created Group or FX track will jump to the Group or FX folder. Id you choose “Create Outside Folder”, the newly created Group or FX track will be placed bellow the selected track. Are you aware of this settings?

Btw, how do you manage step 5 of your description (now try and add the same group track but this time don’t select the track), please? What track is selected then?

Nope it’s not that. Already have that set correctly.

“Btw, how do you manage step 5 of you…”
A track will still be selected regardless, even if you go back and reconfirm selection, or select off and re-select… Pretty certain problem still occurs.

I can reproduce it on my end following my steps

I PM’d you video


I’m sorry, I’m not sure I can follow the video. Could you make a new one by using any screen recording (LICEcap or similar), please?

I have tried to follow, but I’m not sure I saw it right. Is it right, for both cases, there was “Create Outside Folder” selected?

yes both cases exact same.

so on first try in the video the problem occured, so it sent the new track all the way right to where my stereo mix output is.

I closed MixWindow, selected a track in the project arranger window

reopened mix window, did the exact same add process with same settings and that time it added it in the correct spot.

I will try and make new video

I sent you LICEcap gif

Can you see any difference between the tracks where does it work as expected (so the FX track is placed next to the selected track) and where it doesn’t work? Maybe one of the tracks in folder, or deep in folder…?

When the FX Channel is added at the end of the track list, is it in the FX Channels folder, or is it out of any folder then?

Is it always reproducible the same way on the same track? Or is it on the only one track once this way and next time the other way?

So, my intent is always adding the track ‘Outside of Folder’, ie, outside of the FX folder/outside of the group folder/etc, but with the hope that it will be inserted next (to the right) of whatever track I had selected before adding the new track.

When the error occurs, it is not placing it in the “track-types-type-folder”, nor is it putting it where I want it to be put… It’s putting it at the very end bottom of the project track list not inside any folder.

Once the error has occurred, it appears it will continue to occur until I close the MixConsole window, select a track in the project arranger-edit window, then re-open MixConsole window and it will be fixed.

The problem seems to be maybe focus related, either window focus or rack-zone focus. It seems as if once the program loses its orientation of focus, it no longer sees that a track is selected, and thus is putting the new track at the very bottom of the project.

that’s as much detail as I have for you I think.

This is, how it should work.

That sounds logical. Unfortunately I can’t reproduce it so far. It would be interesting to find out, how does Cubase lost the focus.

Another note,

All of my tracks are organized into folders in the project window. It may be a combination of above, and selecting a track that is in a different folder than what the previous selected track was in. This does occur in the .gif I sent you. You see that the groups are successfully added to the first two tracks I tried of which both are in the same folder. I then select electric guitar tracks which would be in a different folder and the problem occurs.

Also perhaps a variable is the whether or not the folders are open or closed in the project window.

Yes, this is it! If the folder is collapsed in the Project window, the new track is added to the very end of the list.

yes! thanks for confirming both issues.

Easy enough to open all folders if I plan on doing track management in MixConsole until they get it patched.