Adding tracks to a template?

How do you add a new track to a project template without having to go through the whole process of routing it? There must be something I am missing here.

Your question is a bit ambiguous. I’m not sure what you mean by "the whole process of routing it.’

Anyway create a new project using the template you want to modify. Then add a new track to the project just like you would in any project. Once you’ve got what you want save it as a template - ether using a new name or overwriting the original file.

I also save my various templates as regular projects too. Just in case something gets messed up.

But what if I want to add in a new track once I’m using a template as a project? I then have to go and route it to my desired group track? Can’t I have something where I can add a track routed to a predestined group (like, a “strings” track already routed to my “strings” group). Otherwise, way too much clicking. Logic does this very well, so I’m SURE there’s a way to do this in Cubase.

OK, so to clear up the jargon. You are adding a new track to a Project and not a Template. A Template is just a starting point to create a new Project. Once it is created it is a Project and not a Template - although you can then save it as a template to use as a starting point for other projects.

I’m still not quite clear on your question. It sounds like you want a new track to anticipate the routing all on its own. When you add a new track to a Project, if you want it to be routed to a specific Group (instead of the default Stereo Out) at some point you would need to specify that group. Say I have 3 Groups, Strings, Horns, and Rhythm Section. If I then add a new Instrument Track why would I expect that it should be routed to Strings and not the other 2 without me specifying the routing. Also it really only takes 2 clicks to setup the routing in the mixer - click on the routing send button and then on the destination - which doesn’t seem too burdensome. If you use Quick Link you can route route multiple channels to the same destination all at once. And if you select a bunch of channels and right-click on them you can create a new Group and route them all to it at the same time.

The only workaround I can find is duplicating the track, then changing the VST of the duplicated track. Apart from that, too much use of the mouse for Cubase in general.
Do you not agree that it would save time being able to save the “strings” route a violin track preset? I think having that option is a vital addition.