Adding vertical line - steps for marco

I am not sure if my setup is correct: Currently, when I want to add a vertical line to a note, I

  • first select the line
  • then click on the note

I was wondering, if it is possible to first select the note and then click or double-click on a vertical line to add it? If that should be possible, it does not work in my setup. Do I have to change a certain configuration probably?

According to the docu it should work, right?

The reason I ask is, because I would like to record a macro, and that macro, of course, needs to know the note it is supposed to work with.

Thank you!

It certainly works here to select a note on the page and then click whichever vertical line in the right panel.

This seems to work regardless of any icons that are set in the left panel (pitch before duration, chord mode, insert mode, the select tool etc.). It will not work if you’re in note input mode.

Please give specifics - is there anything weird about the note to which you’re attempting to add a line?

I made a little video… It happens in a totally new file, so there shouldn’t be anything weird about those notes.
I did upgrade to 4.3 couple of days ago.

If I input exactly the same notes into a new Dorico (4.3.0) project, then select a note and click on any of the lines, the line appears correctly. Could you maybe upload your little example project for diagnosis? I can’t think of an obvious reason for this not working on your setup, but maybe one of the developers will spot something from a demo file.

Test Vertical Lines.dorico (580.8 KB)

Is there any debugging info that I can export and attach?

Otherwise here some info:
macOS 12.6, M1
Also installed lots of other Steinberg software (Cubase, Absolute 5 with all their content and additional softwares…)

Thank you for your efforts, @pianoleo !!! Much appreciated!

Found the setting that I needed to change. What can be seen in the screenshot was set to “Load pointer with item”. Switching to “Create item at selection” fixes my problem.

Thank you again, @pianoleo !!!

Ah of course - good spot.