Adding vibrato on Halion viola combi - strange result

I have a staff for Viola, using the default Halion orchestra viola:

Despite the vibrato playing technique, the midi-window indicates “natural” playing technique:

And in playback I don’t hear vibrato.

So I go into the Expression mapping and add vibrato, which I link to Expressivo (F0), cause this sounds vibrato-ish.

Now my Dorico midi shows like this;:

But when I playback, all it seems to do is play the same viola sound half as loud (when I take away the vibrato the velocities return to normal)

What am I doing wrong?

I came a step closer to identifying what is exactly happening, but still don’t understand the reason why.

As described above I added vibrato in the Expression map of Viola combi.

However, as soon as I add “vibrato” in the score on Viola combi, the CC1 lane turns “flat”, and the velocities in the velocity-lane turn from “all equal” (I inputted via keyboard) to reflecting the dynamics (going from low to high).

Before adding vibrato in the score (on first note):

After adding vibrato in the score (on first note):

When I delete the vibrato mark again from the score, both lanes turn to their original state.

The consequence of this behaviour is that when I add vibrato in the score, the dynamics are no longer heard in the playback (CC1 is connected to Expression => Modulation in Halion)

I don’t understand why adding vibrato in the score resets the CC1 lane in Dorico and also transforms the velocity lane. There must probably be a trivial/logical explanation for it. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Is it possible that the vibrato patch in your expression map has a different “Volume dynamic” setting (on the right-hand side of the expression map editor) than the natural patch?

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You’re a genius @Richard_Lanyon :wink: Spot on…

Changed that setting and works as expected now:

Thanks a lot!