Adding VST effect to a MIDI track?

How do i do this again, i know it’s possible to add VST effects to a MIDI track, e.g i have my Moog Sub 37 connected and i want to use VST effects in realtime for that MIDI-track. I know i’ve done it many times in previous Cubase versions, but i just can’t seem to remember how or where to add the effects (been a while since i last used Cubase).


Maybe you are confusing things?

In a Midi Track you can only insert Vst-MIDI-Effects, not Audio effects.

Cheers, Ernst

Forget i said MIDI-track; how do i add a VST effect to an incoming audio signal in realtime (let’s say a synth).

Put the fx in the audio-in channel in stead of on the external VST channel maybe?

Hi, you can insert the effect in the input-bus (which would lead to the effect being printed to your recordings - seldomly what one wants to achieve) or into an Audio track that the respective Input bus is routed to .

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Thanks for the help.

After some googling and asking around on other forums the best way seems to be to add it as an “External Instrument” then it basically becomes like a VSTi which is very handy if you want to add effects, EQ and all that jazz.