Additional 8 chanels for TASCAM 1884 by using ADAT

Hello guys :slight_smile:
Trying to find info but nothing…
Right now i have Tascam 1082 but want to upgrade it to 1884 'cause i need more power to control + record.
I want to recording 16 chanels but i don’t know what will be if i connect any 8 channel Lightpipe Pre (like 8000, OctoPre, OctaMic II etc) to 1884?
Will it work?
How to set up it in Controll Pannel?
Will it work in Pro Tools, Ableton, if i will use it with them? Or i need to setup it only in Control Panel and everything will be perfect in all DAWs?

I’m sorry, i know that it strange questions, but i’m just guy from Ukraine that can’t ask those questions in homeland 'cause nobody don’t worked with it :frowning:

Thank you for help :slight_smile: