Additional Content Folder

Hi there,

Here’s I am with a newbie question:

I installed Halion Sonic 3.4.0 and it works fine. Though I am not sure what should i do with the files contained in “Additional Content” folder. Am i supposed to move them to an Halion Folder on my MAC ?


You don’t need to do anything with the files in the “Additional Content” part of the program installer - these are resources for the installer. I am not on a Mac, but typically these would be the installer for eLicenser Control Center, the installer for Steinberg Library Manager and any other components needed to use your application.

You do need to download the 29.5GB content download and double click one of the files to launch Steinberg Library Manager to install the content. This only needs doing once for any HALion Sonic 3.x version. You do not need to do this if you have the HALion 6 content installed, as the HALion Sonic 3 content is a subset of the HALion 6 content.

Ok, thanks ! :slight_smile: