Additional content folders on install disks ?


Maybe someone has the answer to my “problem”. On the install disks for c6 etc ( also hs) there are additional content folders. Now obviously some of the stuff in there is self explanatory ie demo project etc, but what about vst sounds and the like ? My question is this, are these files installed with the regular install of c6 or are they indeed extra content which i need to copy/install or do something with. my system is working fine i am just wondering if i am missing out on some extra sounds etc.

thanks for any help anyone can give

The VST Sound files install additional Halion content. No, they don’t install with the initial install.

I installed the content on the 1th disc.Then i also copied the video tutorials.
I never bother installing the additional stuff.The other discs clearly says “Trial version”.
I dont think you’re missing anything.

hi and thanks for your replies,

yes not bothered with the trial versions, only the aditional vst sounds. ok i will install them later on, but yes i guess you will be right, not missing much. I wil have a look though.