Additional Music Fonts in Dorico 5 appear to be missing

Hello, I have Dorico 5.0.20 — the most recent version running on a Mac. I went to Library>Music Fonts but only Bravura and Petaluma are listed. I thought Dorico 5 installed additional music fonts. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help/insight.

Which additional fonts did you expect?

AFAIK Bravura and Petaluma (and Academico) are the standard fonts delivered with Dorico.

Finale has some additional SMuFL fonts one can download.

According to the notes to the Dorico 5.0.20 update notes (p 46), “Dorico 5… now installs eight new music font families:”

Listed are the fonts Finale Ash, Broadway, Jazz, and Maestro, Golden Age, Leipzig, Leland, and Sebastian. Then the update notes say, “To try out a different music font in your project at any time, choose one from Library :arrow_forward: Music Fonts.” However, when I look in Library>Music Fonts, all I find are Bravura and Petaluma.

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I see all those additional fonts in my library. I’m also on a Mac (M2). Have you tried rebooting?

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The fonts will only be listed if the JSON files are installed in /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts/
(NB: this is the root level Library folder, not the user library folder.)

Check that you have folders and files there for Sebastian, Finale Maestro, Leland, GoldenAge, etc.

Also, check that you have the additional text fonts installed on your system: Nepomuk, Academico, etc. (E.g. are they listed in FontBook.)

These fonts should be installed when you install Dorico, so if not, something has gone wrong, and you should re-install Dorico.

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Yes, I thought something might have gone astray. I’ll try to reinstall. Thanks.

I believe I’ve rebooted many times but will do so again and see if that makes a diff. Thanks.

Rebooting did not work so I reinstalled D5 and now have the additional fonts. Thanks much for the help!

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