Additional track colors in Cubase 10

Hi, I’ve installed Cubase 10 recently and learned that track colors menu has been reworked. In earlier Cubase versions (I work mainly in 8.5) I used color schemes with a lot of colors, made by a guy at Apparently they won’t work in version 10. Is there any way to use more track colors than it is offered in factory settings?

The large-ish Color set I used in 9.5 and earlier works just fine in 10. It was set as my default color set in 9.5 and after upgrading remains the default.

The DAW labs colors work fine here. I have been using his color sets for years. From 9.5 to 10 there may be some slight miss matches, but if you have updated C10 to the latest update, go to project colors and it will give the closest matches.

How do you folks import these 3rd party colors? I don’t see any ability to load colors from a file.

With DAW labs

He sends 17 different .cpr’s. of just colors. Chose what you wish from those…I think most would choose the color levels .cpr 1-8, and once that project is loaded, make those the default colors.

I have seen other color packs, some maybe double 171 colors, but for me thats too many. This just seemed to make sense for myself.

Hello greggybud,

I purchased the dawlab 171 colors and I can’t get the colors to set as default in Cubase 10.

Since Steinberg changed how we handle colors, there doesn’t appear to be a way to scroll to the bottom of the color palette and “set colors as default”.

I know that you didn’t write the software…I’m just curious as to how you managed to save the colors as a default in Cubase 10.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Colors set up has changed a bit with the recent update.

At the top of Cubase arrange window, go to Project > Project Colors Setup. There you can make color preference choices including if you wish to add names to colors.

Thanks greggybud,

First thank you so much for guiding me to the, “Project” on the Menu bar. I was able to see the Color menu items on the bottom in Cubase 10. (it used to be under, “Edit” > “Preferences”

But that led me to another problem.

I still have installed on my DAW Cubase 9.01 & Cubase 9.5. When I open the color levels .cpr 1-8 it always opens up Cubase 9.01 and 9.5 not Cubase 10, so it’s impossible for me to save the 171 colors as a default for Cubase 10.

Should I delete my 9.01 & 9.5 versions?

I’m assuming you are on Windows (hint: this is why we encourage sys specs in signatures :wink: ). This sounds like Windows still associates .cpr files with 9.5. This probably occurs for any .cpr file. Right+click on a cpr file and use “open with” and then pick C10 and there is an option (been awhile since doing this) to make that association permanent.

Short term instead of launching Cubase by double clicking on the cpr file, launch C10 and then use its “Open…” command from inside Cubase.

Thanks! I misunderstood this Steinberg post:

They talk about different color schemes there.

the website seems to be down right now. When I click on the download link I get a 404 error. Anyone able to share the 171 track color pack with me?

I can confirm that and would love to reinstall IRO’s colour pack!

Will that work as expected in 10.5?

The manual is not very helpful sorting this out, but in Project Color Setup… in the Preset tab it seems like you can create several different sizes of “Color Sets” but the actual colors used in those sets is predetermined by Cubase. Then it takes the color you want to use & finds the closest match in this ‘official’ Color Set and substitutes that for the color you are really trying to set. I know that some of the colors I had in 10.0 that were similar but not the same are now the same - if you hover over the colors at the bottom (the ones you want) it will show you what it got mapped to. I haven’t explored this much as I don’t want to inadvertently mess up my current colors.

The manual offers no info on how the Presets tab is intended to be used - just the mechanics of changing settings. And why the tab is named “Presets” but seems to have nothing to do with Presets is a mystery.

You could try sending him a PM here? I’m not sure if he is an active user however.

I think Rainos explanation sums it up best. I still use his color pack however due to upgrades the colors have changed slightly. It seems there are a few other users making colors for Cubase, but I just liked DAW Labs best. Also the number of colors seems to work best for me. Any additional colors and it’s too much. Anyway it still works very well for me, but I think there have been some color changes over time.