Additional vst in Cubase AI5


I am wondering if it is a way to allow some sampled nki. files from NI Kontakt 4 to be recorded in Cubase AI5?
What is the easiest way to do this, or do I have to upgrade from AI5 to studio version? I am running Kontakt 4 and
Cubase AI5 on the same PC…I want to record some bass and strings parts from Kontakt.
As you probably understand, I am new to this so I have to get started somewhere:)



In the good ole days you could connect Cubase LE versions and Kontact via the Rewire protocol, but alas this is no longer supported in the LE versions, but is in the “purchased” versions (Essential 5 and upwards).

Can you export the sounds from Kontact as wav files and import them into Cubase?

Cubase AI6 has rewire support according to this document:

according to this document AI4 did not have rewire suppotr

im trying to find out if AI5 also included Rewire support; its possible they added it back with version 5; but they did not include AI5 in any of the version feature comparison charts so its impossible to check this;

does anyone know if AI5 has rewire support?
can anyone confirm?