Addressing issue when renaming parameters (SOLVED)

I’m writing a simple code to rename parameters so that they appear with the names I’ve given them in my GUI instead of default names Halion has for them (So that the automation appears with my new name instead of the default name). For some reason I am unable to figure out what I am doing wrong when doing this for a midi module. The parameter I’m writing for doesn’t seem to want to connect for me. I am trying to create an “LFO1Morph” parameter out of the Shape parameter in my LFO Midi module. Shape should be index number 5 but it doesn’t seem to connect for me. I can’t seem to see what I am addressing wrong here. Am I doing something wrong? Here’s my code below. I’ve also attached a picture of my current program tree.

--Rename Parameters for Automation
print ("Rename Parameters for Automation +++++++++++++++++++++++++++")

--Rename LFO1 "Shape" to "Morph"
zone1=this.parent:getMidiModule("LFO 1")

function onLFO1ShapeChange()
  zone1:setParameter(5, LFO1Morph)

defineParameter("LFO1Morph", "LFO1Morph", 0, 0, 100, 1, onLFO1ShapeChange)


Figured it out! For anyone else that might have this issue. I made a mistake by putting Zone1 instead of MidiModule in the code.