Addressing modulation row parameters

I’m having the hardest problem addressing modulation row parameters. The manual mentions how to address modulation sources but I’m trying to address depth and bypass. Thus far nothing I’ve tried work. I tried

Zone = this.parent:getZone("synth")
Zone:setParameter(655370, blah blah blah)


Modrow = Zone:getModulationRow(17)
Modrow:setParameter(655370, blah blah blah)


Zone:getModulationRow(17):setParameter(655370, blah blah blah)

But none seem to address the parameter. What exactly am I missing here?

It’s getModulationMatrixRow, not just ModulationRow.
Your second and third examples should work when you change this.

Well that’s embarrassing lol. I need to slow down it seems. Thanks!

Just checked my code again and it looks like I did type it write in my code. That typo was just in my post here. Somehow it still doesn’t seem to be working.

Finally got it to work. For whatever reason the third way wouldnt work for me but the second way did.