Adjust clip size

Hey. When drag on the square in the corner of a clip, I drag the clip instead of cutting it. The clip gets shorter, but the audio moves in time. How do I configure this?

Always best to start with the Manual - Chapter Parts and Events from pg. 162.

Check the cursor. Cycle through 1 on the keyboard for different modes.

Thanks guys, you saved my day.

I must say it not easy to start with the manual, when its 1300+ pages long. To a beginner everything in Cubase is is a part or an event :wink:

We soon forget what it was like starting out. When I started the manual was a book - much easier to read. I hate the PDF manual. I still took quite a while to get my head around the basics on my Atari.

The PDF Manual has an extremely useful search function (could admittedly be a little more intelligent - but then that’s Adobe’s problem).

Understanding Parts, Events, Clips, Tracks, Files, as well as the difference between them is fundamental to understanding how you can manipulate and edit them in Cubase. Until this is understood, you’ll never be quite comfortable on this level in Cubase.