Adjust placement of repeat bar symbol

How can I move the repeat bar symbol higher within the measure so it doesn’t collide with the bass drum (second voice) in this example [measure 2]? I’ve tried manually moving and adjusting the properties in Engrave mode, but that doesn’t work (although changing the size of the symbol to Cue, etc. size does work!).


I’m afraid at the present time there’s no way to change the vertical position of the bar repeat sign. I’ve made a note of this and perhaps it’s something we can add in future.

Hmm, well that’s not what I was hoping to hear. This ability is really useful in drum set parts to have the numbered repeat continue while one part of the changes.

Without that, things can get confusing. See this excerpt…on sight, the drummer may expect to count 6 bars when quickly scanning the page:

You might consider changing the numbering then (which you can do from the properties panel).

I can change the numbering to every bar, but it is still confusing either way to read.

I guess I could live with a slash section, assuming that doesn’t collide. I’ll try it out.

(Following Leo’s advice) if you set count from = 2 and count frequency=2 it would look unambiguous.

Sorry, but I disagree.

My fix will be using a slash region for the hands. Meh

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Inspired by @HeiPet

…here’s a project that contains an invisible Line Body, a Bar Repeat Line Annotation and a Line that combines the two together.

If you use the star icon in the bottom left corner of each of the line editors (probably just starring the Bar Repeat Line in the Lines… editor will do it) you should be able to pull the line into your existing projects.

Project attached.
BarRepeatLine.dorico (485.8 KB)