Adjust Size of Accidentals in Text Frames

Is there any way to adjust the size of the accidentals in text frames when using the {@flat@}, {@sharp@}, and {@natural@} tokens? I find them too big and they affect the baseline of the text. Are they controlled by a font style?

My cursory testing here indicates that it’s a case of adjusting the size of the token itself, like so:

I can’t find a Font Style that makes a difference (and no, it’s not the Music Text Character Style either).

True, I could do that. I’m using the tokens in the layout names in setup mode, so I was hoping to not have to manually override every layout.

It’s as simple as going to Engrave > Character Styles, editing the ‘Music Text’ character style, enabling the ‘Relative size’ control and setting it to e.g. 3/4 or 4/5.

Excellent! I didn’t even think to look there. Just to be safe, what else, if anything, would that affect?

Anywhere where the ‘Music Text’ character style is used, which is not too many places. It will affect accidentals in staff labels and instrument change labels, segnos and codas in repeat markers, and possibly one or two other things.