Adjustable grid (sample-editor)

Maybe I’m too stupid to find it,
but I see no option to adjust the grid in the sample-editor.

Searching for that option just wasted half an hour of my time!

And I found a similar feature-request for Cubase 7 here:

And I would expect Cubase not to crash anymore, ever. Add some error-handling that catches crashes and creates an auto-save of all loaded projects before the application terminates.
I’ve lost a couple of hours of my time due to corrupted autosaves and crashes of Cubase 8 Pro.
This version of Cubase is not really much more stable than the versions from ten years ago, from my (admittedly frustrated) point of view.

Update: after upgrading my CPU (I had an AMD FX-4100 before), the issue with frequent crashes of the application is now gone.
Either the cpu was too weak or faulty, or Cubase doesn’t really support it.