Adjusting all velocities at once (i.e. all hi hat)

This should be a simple one for the Halion users, I don’t have access to a lot of literature resources at the moment. When using Halion to produce drum tracks, in the Cubase drum editor MIDI map, how do I select all the hi-hat events in a particular track, how do I uniformly adjust the velocity of all of them at once? I can select them all, but can’t adjust them all at the same time.

Using a MIDI Logical Editor you can do a transformation of the velocity of specific notes with logic like this (for changing two specific notes):

First click a track to select it in the project view, then right click it and choose select all events, then run a logical editor to transform only the notes hosting your hi-hat sounds:

if note == <note number/name>
if note == <note number/name>
then transform
value 2 ==

Hi menegonj,

Simply highlight all the hi-hat events you want at the same volume and then change the velocity value on the Info Line to for example 127 and then hold down control and hit Enter and now those particular hi-hats will all be at 127 velocity! :sunglasses:

Hope this helps?

Kind regards

James Colah