Adjusting audio clip but keeping fade out in the same position


Quick question…

Is there a way to keep a fade out/in in its same position while extending the audio clip?


AFAIK you can’t do that directly.

You could try copying the event onto an adjacent track at the same timeline position, and then use the copied event, with fades removed, to extend beyond the fade of the original. Once you’ve extended you can always move the extended part of the event back onto the original track if necessary.

Or instead event envelopes might help.

Not sure I understand the question but maybe you’re looking for the 3rd type of the selection tool. The one after the time compression tool. (hit “1” 3 times). Can’t remember what its called.

Use volume automation.

That’s not a substitute unfortunately.

Using volume automation is another option but I would definitely prefer to adjust the audio clip… a lot quicker and easier.

Of course, but unfortunately not posssible.

I guess I don’t understand the question…

If you want to change a event without moving the end/fade out your choices are limited but exists.

Change the start/fade in with the move content option on or off.
Slip the audio inside the event without changing the in or out points and fades.

If the important thing is the position of the start of the fade out then no it is not easily done without using workarounds. But doable.

You could use the sync point of the clip to define the start of the fade out position.
Make sure edit mode is active.
Extend the end of the clip.
Now as the event I selected the “now/cursor” position will be at the previously defined sync point and then issue the fade out from cursor command.

It’s not as complicated s it looks in writing but I agree not entirely elegant.

Or you just use some other point of reference (locator or marker) to define the position of the fade out start point and adjust the fade out to that quick an simple.

Did any of the above solve the issue?
If yes then great, if not. Please explain again what you want to accomplish in words that I can understand :slight_smile: