adjusting automation volume from mixer

OK, so this may sound dumb, and there may not be a workaround but I thought I would ask.

Quite often I’ll be mixing a track and decide that I need to bring the overall volume of all tracks down because the output is clipping. To do this I will:

    1. Select all channels

    1. link channels

    1. Change volume

    1. Unlink channels

However, the real issue comes when I have already automated the volumes on tracks. I then have to go to each automated track, highlight all automation points and then raise/lower them by the decided amount.

So my question is, is there a way to adjust all the volume automation points from the mixer so I can do this all in one go rather than in 2+ stages?

You can simply bring down the master fader to keep the output from clipping, without having to mess with the individual tracks.

Pulling the master fader down is a viable solution.

However if you do wish to reduce all the volume automation in one go you can do this from the PLE.

PLE? Not familiar with that acronym?

I don’t like pulling the master fader down. I’ve spoken to people before and they say it isn’t an issue with digital stuff. But I feel that if I just pull my master fader down then I may be missing a track that’s peaking too hot in the mix…

To hot is not a problem within a 32bit fp DAW

Anyway PLE= Program Logical Editor

PLE is the Project Logical Editor.
(using Type= Automation, and Action Target= Trim)
But this trims by percentage, not by db.

So, why not do it from the project window? Just select all automation nodes, then, in the Info Line, just reduce the value you see there by the desired amount… it will change all selected nodes proportionally.

Or, using your original method, but with automation in trim mode?

Yeah sorry I meant project :blush:

Can you not only select all volume automation nodes on one track at a time!

The PLE can do the whole projects volume automation in one.

Yes it’s a percentage, just note the change of level on a fader and reduce all none automated faders by the same.

I don’t have inserts in the Master 2bus* , but if someone did have a mix finalized with effects inserted into the Master 2bus, would it be best to create one more group (just before the fader) and move the effects into there before messing with the fader?

I could see the balance of the mix changing if there were effects inserted into the (pre-fader) Master slots 1-6 and then the fader was changed … or not?

And if someone had a compressor inserted in the (post-fader) Master bus slot 7 or 8 - I guess the overall sound could change also (since the amount of signal being sent to the compressor does)?

Thanks for clarifying anyone …

(*except for a Mix6to2 mono button in slot 7 and dither in slot 8)

Edit: Seeing that Master Engineers vic_france and Split are talking about the PLE - what am I missing, why do all that instead of just pulling down the master fader?

Pre-Fader FX will not be affected by a master fader change, because they are Pre-Fader :stuck_out_tongue:

Pulling the master fader down is fine, but the OP stated they didn’t want to do that!

You can select anything you want! :slight_smile: You can even perform the above operation on automation of different types… e.g. the level on track #2 at the same time as FX Send Level #1 on track #5.

I wasn’t particularly advocating the use of the PLE… just showing how it could be used :wink:

Ahh, has this changed recently? as the last time I tried that it didn’t work! (it was a while ago) thanks for clarifying :stuck_out_tongue:

:astonished: :blush: :laughing: (“You may take him away now, Mr. Perkins”).
Seriously, though - what to do about a compressor inserted post fader in the master bus - would that make it a mess to pull down the master fader?

Thanks much!

You do realize that the master fader is there for a reason? If it wasn’t to be used they would’ve left it out. I think you’re making the job much harder than necessary.

1: don’t put a compressor in a post fader slot :bulb:
2: if you turn the fader down 6dB turn the compressor threshold or input gain up 6dB :bulb:
3: turn the compressor output down and leave the master fader alone :bulb:

I’d prefer number 1 myself :smiley:

Yeah I always go with 1. If I really want a compressor on the entire track I’ll just route every track to a group before it hits master, and put the compressor on that group.

Cool, thanks Split and Strophoid!

I had the same problem. I tried selecting all points but it was not working when I tried adjusting… it would revert back to the original as soon as I let go. The problem was that I had some points selected that were already at 0, so it would not go any further down.

So the solution… just click and drag to circle all the points you want to change and then click and drag on the one single point to pull all up or all down. Hope this helps.


I know that this is an old thread. But it doesn’t give the solution that is easily available:

Use the automation trim function. If you select all of your automation on a track you can easily scale them all by moving your cursor to the top of the automation lane and “scale vertically”, this moves all the automation simultaneously. You could also tilt the automation by moving your cursor to the top left or right of your automation lane – or hold alt to compress-tilt the automation.

I wish you could simply turn on “write” and move the fader in stop mode, but the trim function works well.
Check out this movie for a good overview over automation modes and quick controls etc.