Adjusting barline length between staves?

In a trio for clar, viola and cello that I’m working on the 2 string staves are beamed together. Looking through the literature re: should they share the samebar line haven’t come up with a definitive answer yet but if I want to keep them bracketed together but have separate barlines is this possible?

It’s not possible with things set up as they are at present, Richard, no. You’d have to do something gross like actually use vocal instruments (e.g. soprano, tenor, bass) and then change their names, clefs, and playback sounds, etc. as a pretty unsatisfactory workaround for the time being.

Thanks Daniel, there is no big hurry.

Hello, has this issue been addressed yet in the last few updates?

No, I’m afraid not: at the moment, if you choose e.g. ‘Small ensemble’ to join the instruments with a bracket, the barlines will follow the brackets too. We do of course plan to introduce greater flexibility in this area in future.