Adjusting certain aspects of chord symbols?

Trying to adjust a few aspects of chord symbols that I can’t seem to find in engraving options.

Basically I’d like to be able to add just a bit of horizontal padding between the horizontal elements so they aren’t so squished together, but also tighen up the spacing around the bass note slash.


Ideally looking something more like this (without the excorible mousemanship)


Engraving options - chord symbols
Scroll all the way down
There you can edit your chord symbols; after that they will be saved as project default.

That only seems to allow editing specific symbols though? This project has dozens and dozens of different chords in it, if not hundreds.

I suppose that will work to tweak a few of the worst offenders, at least.

Yes , for the moment you will have to change them all; hopefully in the near future there will be better options

You can make a global change to that sharp positioning. Go to Engraving Options/Project Default Appearances/Edit. Enter any chord symbol with a sharp in the root. The chord doesn’t really matter, we just need a way to make a global edit to the positioning of that character. Click the sharp in the editing window, then click the Edit Component pencil underneath which will take you to the Edit Chord Symbol Component window. You can now make a global modification to the sharp positioning. Change the Y value to move it up. You may need to use some trial and error with positioning and switch back and forth between this window and the previous one, but only make alterations in this window. Any modifications in the previous Project Default Appearances window are not global. After hitting Apply, the sharp positioning should now be updated in any chord you haven’t already manually edited.

Just a warning, while consistent with a single character, the Edit Chord Symbol Component editing window is super buggy when positioning multiple characters. Get your sharp position correct first before attempting to modify any of the chord composite characters, because it’s an incredibly frustrating experience.

What’s frustrating is that the technology clearly exists.

In Chord Symbols > Design there is a global tweak to the gabs been alterations and alteration seperators… it just needs to be made slightly more general.

Agreed. There are quite a few omissions from chord symbol design options that are really frustrating for the user. The gap you mentioned certainly. The lack of any accidental baseline adjustment, the lack of any baseline adjustment for stacked alterations, etc.

I’d like to add my support for this feature to be incorporated in the future. Easier global “tighening up” of chords with different bass notes, so that it remains like that as a default for every future project. I recently finished a bunch of chord charts that had a number of these in every song, and it was tedious to perform the same edits over and over again every time.