Adjusting Character Sizes in Chord Symbols

I’m using a Notation Central template…probably why I’m getting this behavior. But when I switch my maj7 symbols to ∆7, the triangles are really small. It affects the ø too.
How do I fix this? I’d like to use the default size I get with Petaluma normally.

Have a look at the Intervals section of the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options, where you can change the vertical position of the symbols and their scale factors.


Interesting…when I change scaling to 80, they get maybe a hair too big. But at 70, they’re tiny just like above.
At 80…

At 70…

Mostly a curiosity. Looks like the break point is 75…that or below is tiny. 76 or above is massively bigger. Maybe a bug?

I think I can get a good result with this. But it does seem weird.

Attaching the file so you can take a closer look.
Self Portrait In Three Colors - Charles Mingus, arr. Sy Johnson.dorico (1.5 MB)

I don’t have that font, but yep, as you discovered 75/76 is the split point where Dorico uses a completely different glyph if available.

At 76% I get this sharp and flat …

… but at 75% get this:

When you first open the chord editor, the accidentals that you see on the right are very misleading because none of them are actually used in chord suffixes. The accidentals actually used for chord suffixes are under Composites:

In my example, Dorico is using comp.csymAccidentalFlat and comp.csymAccidentalSharp for the 76% example, but uses comp.csymAccidentalFlatSmall and comp.csymAccidentalSharpSmall for the 75% example. Dorico is pulling these glyphs for the Composites from the Standard Accidentals for Chord Symbols SMuFL range. Like I said, I don’t have the Peta font you are using but maybe there’s a big difference in the size of those glyphs in that font?

Once you’ve settled on a percentage (76 and up, or 75 and below) you can then resize and position the glyph as needed. When you open the Project Default Appearances window, click on the glyph you want to make a global change to. If it appears in the row below, then click it and hit the Edit Component pencil:

In the next Edit Chord Symbol Component window you can make a global change to that glyph definition, so scale and position accordingly. Don’t make changes in the previous Default Chord Symbol Appearances window if you want them to be global. If you add accidentals, be sure to add them from Composites, and if you add numbers or text be sure to use the Chord Symbols Font style. (Dorico will default you to Bar Repeat Count, which is dumb in this editor.)

None of this is really documented in the online manual, which as you’ve discovered makes this quite frustrating, but you should be able to globally size whatever glyphs you want in that font.