Adjusting levels of Layers?

not sure if I am missing something simple here , but can’t find a way to adjust the levels for each Layer . I am running in Cubase 12

When I clean up dialog, I would like to add a little of the noise floor back in and below be able to adjust each mix of the Drums , guitar etc…

Adjusting levels of Layers

Click the “hamburger” menu and change back to Standard Layout:
… then just adjust the slider under each layer.

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thank you ! :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve , I did find that link on Google but that not what I wanted . Standard Layout view was what I was looking for .

I have no idea why “Standard Layout” is not set as Standard … very odd


It’s standard when you launch the stand-alone app, which can use all the screen space it needs.
In ARA mode, the vertical space is much more limited (by the DAW UI), that’s why SpectraLayers ARA automatically switch to the compact layer view, and also collapses panels such as Channels and History.

It would be nice if we could chose in Preferences if we want standard or compact layout to be preferred in ARA mode.

:+1:. It’s like cubase once you know we’re to click on the small icon it all makes sense