adjusting note spacing in second voice

hello, in an attempt of perfecting my engraving I would like to move a note:

when I go to Note Spacing, I do not find a second handle for the upper note, they will only move together:

Trying to use X/Y Offset in the Property Panel has no effect either.
Is there a way to move this note?
move a note.png
only one handle.png
note spacing.png

The notes both have the same Voice Column Index. Select one of them (grab it by the stem!) and turn on the Voice Column Index property in the bottom panel. Then increase the number there by 1. That will move the selected note to the right of the other note.

If you so wish, you can then go back to the Note Spacing Tool and you’ll find that each of the two notes has a separate handle.

Thank you pianoleo, you are a true expert!
I got the wanted result:

moved it.png

to set both notes to the same Voice Column Index here is a small script
place the *.lua file in your script folder
select the 2 notes you want to overlap in write mode
launch the script from the script menu

the script will switch to Engrave and go back to write after

Voice column index to (336 Bytes)

But in this case, the OP wanted the opposite.

oh I didnt catch that the note size of the 8th was smaller

still may be useful…