Adjusting playback velocity for MIDI edit in Cubasis 3

Is there a way to adjust the playback velocity when MIDI editing? I have a Yamaha Disklavier and each time I select the note in the piano roll editor with the Sound button engaged it plays it at the highest velocity of 128. That is unacceptable as I don’t want to wear out the hammers on my piano. It does not play the note at the recorded velocity. Suggestions?

You can easily adjust velocity values (0-127) of all notes in the piano roll, however entering notes defaults to a value of 100 (not 127!)

If you want to have an adjust velocity when entering notes in the piano roll, you need to insert a third party midi AU in the track’s MIDI Effects slot, that changes output (!) note velocity. There are several options here, if you are on iPad OS. ArpBud 2 can do this and probably MIDI Tools.

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