Adjusting Player Group Brackets in Engraving Options

Hello everyone,

I’ve run into an issue with player group brackets. Despite having the ability to adjust their horizontal positions in the engraving options, I’m unable to bring them closer to the staff labels. It appears that this feature isn’t functioning as expected, and instead, I can only move the brackets further away from the staff labels.

I came across this post: FR: Tucking in player group brackets, which suggests that this may be a feature request for the future, indicating that it’s currently not possible.

I would appreciate it if someone could correct me if I’m wrong or provide guidance if there’s something I might be missing.

These brackets are taking up a significant amount of space in my score, and I’m hoping to find a solution.

In Engraving Options > Staff Labels > Player Group Labels > Horizontal Position, it is possible (in Dorico 4 and 5) to enter a negative value for Gap between player group labels and staff labels. This should move the group label to the right.

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@StevenJones01 Thank you, this helps a lot. I wouldn’t have come up with it on my own.