Adjusting record gain when ripping vinyl

i’ve changed to a new set up by getting rid of an old emu interface that i used for vinyl ripping and replaced it with a prism lyra 2.

i used to be able to adjust the input gain levels on the emu. with the lyra i can’t.

is there anyway to adjust the gain like you would on a preamp trim simply by using wavelab?

i can obviously adjust the gain post recording, but i want to record so it peaks at -6db

the phono stage is fixed output



Hi …

I do not own, nor have I used a Lyra 2.

But Prism stuff almost always has some gain control function.

A quick look at the manual suggests that it has an RME type mix software that controls the unit. Input and Output.

Software manual section has details

I really hope this is of some help and apologies if I have misunderstood.

Good luck!


seems like i should be using the instrument in as that has gain control and not the line inputs, that don’t!