Adjusting Relative Volumes of different percussion elements

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I use existing scores and the drum is in a kit. I use Note Performer by the way. I didn’t see Note Performer showing different faders for different percussion elements and I need to reduce snare and increase hi-hat volume. I was reading that there are different kinds of dynamics control for 5-line vs. grid vs. single-line instrument. I tried to experiment with it but when I go to setup for that project and change from default 5-line to grid or single-line, I don’t see any additional feature that pops up in play mode or write mode so I can adjust the individual volumes of the drum kit. Probably I’m not doing it right. Is there any video tutorial about how to have more control over the drum dynamics? If not, I know that you probably have explained this to many users but one more time if you spell out the step by step how to do it or point me to the right direction where it is written?
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I would think you can add more instances of NP in Play (right, under VST instruments) and route the various perc instruments to those separate VST instances. Then you can use the mixer to balance the output. (Just a hunch… not at Dorico now, so can’t test it…:slight_smile:)

After watching John Barron’s video on percussion in Dorico, I found how to change the layout to appear different drum elements in the score separately, but still regarding the volume, I have only one fader for the whole drum in Note Performer interface. Is there a different place that I have that option? Thank you!

Thank you. Good point!

If you you really need the level of drumset playback control you have been talking about, perhaps Note performer is not the right tool. You might want to look at Addictive Drums. There you can control every kit piece very precisely.

I have not used Note performer. I am assuming you can send some instruments to NP and other instruments to different VSTs.

You can now, yes.

Thank you. Actually I never thought that regular drum plugin would communicate properly with Dorico score notes and expand the possibilities beyond Note Performer. I have drum plugin that I only used with Pro Tools quite a few years ago, however the bundle also has VST version I believe. What is going to make jazz composition very productive is if I choose the patterns in the VST plugin and I can somehow copy (or drag and drop) that pattern in one shot as a cluster into a particular measure of the drum score line in Dorico. Normally plugins allow that as bunch of MIDI notes to be copied to the MIDI track of Pro Tools, but would Dorico allow direct translation of what is normally bunch of MIDI notes to appear as notes in the score? Sorry, this is probably obvious but I’m just learning based on my need, which ended up being around percussion composition and realism at this time.

I agree. I hope to see future releases of Dorico open up these possibilities.

Try switching to Play Mode and dragging into the track from the plugin.