Adjusting syllables for lyrics


When I copy lyrics from one staff to another with slightly different rhythms, but the syllables are anyway always falling on the same place, I have to adjust to the new staff to get right positioning and extenders etc.
Is there a way of “resetting” the lyrics to the new situation, or does this have to be done manually? I tried with Reset Appearance and Reset position but nothing seems to happen.


It seems that Dorico does not attribute the syllables to the right (obvious, for a musician) notes, i.e. rhythmic position. It sticks to the original rhythmic pattern that the copied syllables inherit. I guess this would require some more engineering to reattribute a correct new rhythmic position, but I am sure our beloved developers already are aware of that and have plans to make it better !

I suspect that, somewhere down the road(map), Lyrics will receive the kind of attention that has already been devoted to chords and the like. At that time we are most likely to see the capability to correctly move lyrics to different parts and to enter and edit bulk lyrics. Somewhere in the back of my mind I recall a post that suggested that syllabification might also be included–quite a task considering the many languages supported by Dorico.

Thanks for your answers. So, it’s the manual way for now I guess. It is a pity because it makes copying lyrics not so useful.
I have to confess though that I ended up exporting to Finale to take care of the lyrics and then exported back again for the final layout…