Adjusting the height of slurs

I would love to be able to easily alter the height of angled slurs symmetrically; currently, selecting the middle handle and using alt+up/down arrows shifts the centre of the slur vertically, and this creates a lopsided slur. This may be desirable in some situations but more often than not I just want to increase or decrease the slur’s ‘bulge’ and keep it semi-circular. In my experience going e.g. up three presses of the keyboard shortcut and along three presses does not perfectly retain the slur’s symmetry, and my maths isn’t good enough to cope with all the numbers in the properties panel to do it instead. Some separate keyboard shortcuts to achieve this would be very helpful.

Do you find that changing Y for both the Start handle offset and End handle offset to the same value has the desired effect?

Hi Daniel

Using alt+arrows to alter a slur’s height does already maintain equal Y values for Start/End handle offset, so no it doesn’t have the desired effect. Presumably to get a slur to be symmetrical requires adjustment of X and Y values in equal measure. My request really is to have a simple method, without tedious fiddling with the Properties values or careful mouse movements requiring intense eyeballing, of adjusting a slur’s height without losing its symmetry – presumably a couple of keyboard shortcuts that would simultaneously adjust all the relevant values. Related to this, I’d also like to be able to move in increments smaller than 1/8 of a space.

Thanks as ever for your attention to such, admittedly, niche requests.

All three modifier keys (Cmd/Ctrl-Alt/Opt-Shift) plus arrow keys moves by 1/32 of a space.

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Many thanks for that tip pianoleo; don’t know how I missed it, but very useful indeed.

It hasn’t been included in the manual thus far, but will be in the next version as I’ve done some work in this area.

You may also be interested to know that Shift-Alt/Opt-arrows moves items by 1/2 space.

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