adjusting track volume from project window?

is there a way to adjust volume/panning from project window but not from the inspector, ?
like this youtube with S1 at 8:39 ? Why I've been using Studio One 3 Professional (Part 1) - YouTube
just adjusting without always select a track or open the mixer

If you have a midi controller with faders/knobs, you can assign your tracks to the faders/knobs with a generic remote in the Device setup window.

You could open an automation lane without without activating read or write…

1:i have the cc121 controller, but it cant adjust multiple tracks, and frankly i dont use it that much.
2:adjusting it from the automation its a workaround or not what i need,its opening the lane and extra clicks.

but thanks for the suggestions,i thought maybe its possible somehow and i missed it.

anyway i would like to have “protools” like option to setup preset to view volume,pan inserts sends visible on all project tracks.this way i dont have to click on every track and select the inspector tabs track by track.
its like mixing from the project window, copy plugins from track to track,view and change routing of every track etc…

Definitely a good feature request.

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maybe not what you are looking for, but this can help sometimes:

sometimes :wink:

I have a Key Command set to activate/toggle Use Scroll Wheel for Volume.

Works great. The only downside is that, if you using a compressor on that track, you effectively change the compression Threshold by varying the Event Level, as opposed to using the Track Fader.