Adjusting unison stalk notation?

Hi everyone. I am trying to notate a composer’s almost-cluster notation, and Dorico comes so close. You can see in the attached screenshot that the composer lined up the naturals in the main chord and the flats on the stalk, which (to my eye) makes it pretty easy to immediately see what is happening, but Dorico does not. Is there any way to tell Dorico to switch around the notes on the unison stalk? I can’t find any property in the Engrave properties panel that affects the stalk.

(In the end, this probably could just be a cluster chord, even though he doesn’t include the Gb in his chord… but it would still be nice to be able to adjust Dorico’s choices for which notes go where.)

There’s no way to do this at the moment, but it’s something on our backlog for the future. It will end up being a property for an individual notehead, to tell Dorico which stem to use. However, I can’t say when this will be implemented.