ADM Export and Object Beds

Hey All - This relates to a previous bug relating to audio getting sent to the height channels by mistake when using an Object Bed. I came across the bug once again and thought I fixed it by resetting the Nuendo preferences.

What happened was that the bug is fixed in the internal Atmos renderer, and it plays back within Nuendo correctly - but NOT when exported to a ADM.

I am attaching a test file so maybe someone can reproduce this to validate what I am seeing. The loop is on 4 different tracks, and should sound identical and be panned/placed the same as well across the whole segment.
(I could only upload an mp3 - so replace the loop or use your own :slight_smile: )
Play it back in Nuendo - and then export the ADM and see what is happening in the production suite when you play back the master.

ADM Export Test.npr (438.0 KB)

A quick follow up. I worked with tech support finally and demonstrated the bug. I just verified that it is NOT fixed in the 11.0.30 release (this release was built on June 17, 2021).

I have a workaround - if you are comfortable using the Dolby Atmos Converter and modifying metadata, I can share it. Throw me a message if you like.