ADM import: 9.1.6 Channel layout missing

After the minor bug in the ADM authoring tool, I have discovered a second, more serious bug.

I need to make some quick changes to an Atmos project. As I only need to make one small change, I imported the ADM master file intended for use in the Dolby encoder.
I noticed that I could not select a renderer in the appropriate channel layout during import. In the import dialogue, the selection only goes up to 7.1.4. The 9.1.6 layout is missing.


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Sadly, this issue persists in 13.0.20 as well. :cry:

Unfortunately, the problem is still present in version 13.0.40.

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Yes the issue has not been resolved.
There are other issues too with 9.1.6 implementation.
For minor tweak’s to ADM I endup using Fairlight…
I doubt SB is even aware of the issue.

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What other problems do you have in mind? Maybe we should collect everything and report back to Steinberg.

My personal impression is that Steinberg were one of the first to implement Dolby Atmos in their program, but haven’t shown much love for Atmos since. Since then, Dolby Atmos has been integrated into many other DAWs. And I often like the integration of Atmos there better than in Nuendo. Not always fundamentally better than Nuendo, but the details are often better than in Nuendo.

Initially I did not hear any difference but once pointed to by others , I started noticing a slight loudness difference in the rerendering of Nuendo and that of DAR. The current update has not fixed it. It is possible that Nuendo’s internal renderer is modelled on older and possibly 3+ version and not 5.2.
Its just my Hunch,


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You mean THIS? (Note: This link has been removed, see next post)

By the way, the fact that this change is not taking place within a short window of time is something I find highly problematic. It has been in the works since the end of 2023 and should have been implemented in Nuendo long ago. Dolby Atmos wants to be a standard. Then Dolby should treat it as such.

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Looks like Dolby are backtracking on their 5.2 renderer adjustments. A new update (v5.3) has been released for the external Atmos renderer. The changes that led to the volume differences have been reversed. More information can be found HERE.

As suspected, the changes have not yet been implemented in Nuendo. Who would have thought that not being first would be a good thing? (Greetings to all Pro Tools users. :innocent:)

The back and forth is quite annoying and problematic.

Yes I got a mail from them.
:+1: All’s well that ends well.

Most of those who are affected by this may already be aware of it. Nevertheless, I have written a separate thread about it. Not everyone noticed the latest change. In particular, not many people have realised the fundamental changes that this update brings.

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