ADM Import - Export Nuendo 11

When importing and ADM from a client, If I move objects (alter positional meta-data) and re-export ADM, the positional data reverts to imported status. Export does not reflect position or other adjustments to objects. This is Internal renderer on Mac. Is there any known workaround?

Here is a screenshot os a soloed object. Notice where it is panned in the channel, and where the rendered see it.

Hi Michael, seems like this is an issue with folding the object panned to the bottom(!) into a reproduction layout not having lower layer speakers (in your case 7.1+4H). What happens if you DON’T pan it below medium layer (= Z-axis >= 0°) ?
Maybe Dolby/Steinberg never tested such behaviour outside of their own specs? The only format this object panning could make sense is a 22.2 mix.

P.S: A checkbox preventing panning to negative z-values would be helpful, Steinberg.
It’s too easy to drop below medium layer while moving around objects… Thanks

Nuendo 11 can’t be used until this issue, and several other MAJOR problems are resolved. Don’t people actually listen to the results of their rendering?

Bumping for urgency. Can this be fixed right away? If the panning is off per object, which it is, how does anyone use Nuendo 11 and Atmos right now?

Hi @Michael_Romanowski
I guess the issue you’re seeing is that the ADM reads automation data when exporting, even when disabled. As a workaround you have to write your modifications of the mix as automation.
We will change this so that disabled automation will not be taken into account.

The issue on the screenshot looks like something different to me. Please contact me, I might need example material. Thanks.


Hello Thorsten, I really appreciate your response.
This behavior occurs whether there is automation or not. Regardless of if it’s even active.

Example: Import of an ADM with a track (lets say guitar) panned to right rear. no automation. If I move the guitar to top front left and leave static, again no automation, and I export adm, it is back in the right rear.

Please let me know if you need more info.
All the best, Michael

Hi Michael,
Well, do you have an explanation, why this object is panned to the bottom (= below Medium layer) on the left side? Who did pan it there and why? Maybe the ADM you received is wrong? You may check this before blaming the conformity of the import/export in Nuendo. Mind that the bottom layer does not exist in 7.1+4H.